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* Namibia *

drive alone  / 2003

Rent a car in Namibia. Etosha National park was so exciting to drive


Going to west coast through local villages.

A reserve for wild seals, Cape Cross.



He helped me to escape the sand road. Good pusher. Thanks !!

On the way to Namibia desert, the tire was frat. Oh- big trouble happened. After 30 minutes, British kind couple's camping car came and helped me to fix the flat tire.


Great driving and unbelievable scenery.

2 weeks family trip  / 2019

Taking my kids to Namibia was one of my dream. Time has come !

2 wheelchair accessible rooms / 55 rooms in Namib desert luxury lodge. Outstanding location, nice design, fantastic dinner under star night, breakfast with wild animals. In Namibia small hotels and guest house also have a wheelchair accessible room. Good accessibility !


Rostoch Rits hotel between Walvis Bay and Namib desert. 2 wheelchair accessible cottages / 20 cottages in Namibia. 12,000 hectare (ex 12km x 10km) private land. Outstanding sunset from the pool. They did the best accessibility in nature place.

Self drive safari in Etosha National Park.

Rental automatic 4WD car. Drive by portable hand controller.

a morning happiness on normal road between Sesfontain and Skelton Coast.

Very impressed Seals heaven " Cape Cross " in Namibia changed wheelchair friendly. now I can touch seals and watch nearby. No boardwalk last time visit 13 years ago. I had to ask someone' help to push my wheelchair, but now easy access. This boardwalk is good for everbody (child, elederly, seals, environment). Good example of accessible tourism destination.

Flamingos in Walvis Bay.

Naked tribe Himba. Long long drive to northwest deep Namibia. Many food request when offical visit and pay the guide fee. Only kids in Himba village. Himba men and women may work in town now. Yes,it is easy to see a lot of Himba people in Opuo town. Himba enjoy shopping at supermarket. Next day we found a Himba village along the road. Candy gift and take a photo.

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