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* St. Vincent *

alone  / 2018

Fly to St Vincent from Barbados. Love boarding ramp ! 

30 US$ between airport and city center. It takes 40-50 min. I had 8 hours for next night flight to Grenada. I negotiated a taxi driver 60 US$ for go and back plus 1-2 hours stay at city center. Driver must wait for me for a while. 

Carnival place in capital Kingstown. Many nice carnival in Caribbean islands. May be Trinidad Tobago is the best.

Downtown is too noisy and rush. The driver did not stop at downtown. He took me a view spot Fort Charlotte.

Cannon at old fort. 

Taxi driver and me at Fort Charlotte. Police and guard drink beer at the end of their work. 

Early dinner on the way back to airport at cafe bar.

Unique sign !   Nice food.


Incident happened !   When I paid the taxi fee 60 US$, the driver told me the price 100 US$ suddenly. I refused to pay it. The taxi driver shut the door and tried steeling my bag. I opened the door and get my bag, but the driver pull my bag and fight against me. This was unusual situation. I need someone help and call " Police " loudly. Then the driver slapped my face twice. Yes, violence. Sometime taxi driver change mind or demand high taxi fare for foreign tourists. We must talk about the price. It is usual thing. But this was unusual thing. My first time experience to be done violence by taxi driver.

Airport police came. They listened this incident carefully. Many apologized me instead of the bad driver. One bad airport taxi driver broke everything image of the country. Taxi company boss swear that he never work at airport anymore. After police hearing, I talked with the taxi driver again. He did not apologize me. He still want 100 US$. OK. I paid 100 US$. Taxi fare and violence are different. He must be punished his stupid attitude. 

2 days later, I received a letter of apology from CEO airport officially. Quick response. One bad person there, but the others are kind and sincere. There are good person and bad person everywhere in the world.


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