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Just my travel impression. Big cities and villages are different. Please read this easygoing, not so seriously. 

Almost nothing about accessibility. Many steps in town. No ramp in town. I did not see lower floor buses. Capital Alger international airport was quite new and good accessibility. That is it.
Bike taxi is main traffic. Few taxi in Cotonou. People were curious about me. They checked my face again and again because I was not African and ride on a strange chair. Not so kind people. Money is important.
I visited only 1 day tour to Chobe National Park from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. Botswana Immigration office has no step, but Zimbabwe side has steps. There are wheelchair public toilets at a hotel we had a lunch. People were kind and helped me to get on off the boat and safari car.

 Burkina Faso
Many unpaved road. A lot of wheelchair in town. Almost all the wheelchair is bicycle type. Some used a three wheel motorbike. People helped a lot, but they requested money. I was stolen a digital camera by pickpocket. Bus is only choice to move to cities. No shared taxi.
No accessibility generally. Mini bus is main traffic for citizen. Many taxi in Bujumbura, no motor taxi because of hot. International airport does not have air conditioner and no large toilet for wheelchair. Some person with disability work at border on D.R.Congo as a cycle porter.



Almost no attention of accessibility. A wheelchair accessible toilet at Younde airport, but it was broken. Banks only have a ramp at entrance because all the people should have the right to access. Generally people are kind. When I return to Paris from Douala, Camair refused me to use their airplane without any reason. They insisted me to use Air France flight. I did not want to pay more money for the new ticket, so I negotiated 30 minutes. The airport had a good special care attendant service, boarding bridge and aisle chair. That was discrimination against person with disability. 

 Capo Verde


Islands country in Atlantic ocean 500 km west of Dakar. Ex Portugal colony. Not like Africa, it is Portugal. Organized society and clean city.



I saw more than 10 wheelchair for 2 days stay. I was surprised at many wheelchair. Toilet at airport had 2 steps, so I could not use it. Also no accessible toilet. Boarding on and off, airport workers helped. No equipment. Road was bumpy. Not easy to walk by wheelchair. Western toilet are very rare. I think no accessible toilet in Djibouti.
   2000, 2009
Many ramp and accessible equipment at tourist place. Viva ! world tourist country !  Consideration about accessibility in tourist area. No problem to travel by wheelchair. For sightseeing, Chartered taxi is useful, but so tough to negotiate the price. Keep fighting. Intercity bus are no accessible, but kind Egyptian would help. People are kind. No discrimination for disabled. I saw many people with disability in town. More western toilet compare with other Arabic countries. Accessible toilet was only seen at airport.


Bicycle country. Also we can see many wheelchairs and 3 wheels motor bike in town. Many veteran in Eritrea because of a long time war. Today I feel the city is quite peaceful. Food is delicious. Cafe tastes lovely. No lift car and cabin chair at airport. No wheelchair toilets and no ramps at buildings, but people are kind. Good country. I hope they start thinking about accessible facility.

Ethiopia air has many flight so the facility is good. They have wheelchairs. In town, I saw a lot of street shop which is used an donated wheelchair. May be many family sold it for money. Many street people in town and always beg for us. Poverty is a big social problem. Few person with disability in town. Normal bus is so crowed, mini bus is good for foreign tourist. It costs higher, but still so cheep. No toilet, surely. Ethiopia is mountain country, so it is very tough for wheelchair to move around hilly city. 

English speaking country. Many western tourist on beach area. Easy to travel because tourist industry developed better than other Western Africa countries. Many ramp on public building. Many paved road. Not so difficult to go walking by wheelchair. 
I saw an accessible toilet at Accra airport, only in West Africa. But airport workers used normally. Most developed country around this area. Lift bus was available at Accra airport. Special needs assistance was so good. Taxi is main traffic in Accra. Taxi drivers were honest. Minibus is difficult to use by wheelchair.  

Collapsed society. Luck of infrastructure. Too many passengers in bus and shared taxi. Passengers on the ceiling of bus and shared taxi. Many person with disability live in capital Conakry and beggars on street.


 Guinea Bissau
Better than Guinea. Worse than Senegal. Still underdeveloped. Unpaved road in country side. Not many passengers in a car like Guinea. I saw a wheelchair large toilet at airport.


 Ivory Coast
Good facility Abidjan new airport. Clean road. Cars keep a traffic lights. Developed compared with other countries in West Africa. but no wheelchair accessibility.

Just short stay for transit. No idea of accessibility.  I guess no accessible toilet and equipment. Western toilet at tourist place. Use it. Shared taxi is main traffic. 
Black people country surrounded by South Africa. Mountain country. It is not good to move around by wheelchair. Some curb cut and ramp. Little accessible. I saw some wheelchair person in town. Not too bad.
Lost baggage at Monrovia airport. Bag memory. Many many taxi in town. No pedestrian. Sometime dangerous to walk on wheelchair. Almost no accessibility. Special care attendant service at Monrovia airport. Traffic jam is social problem in capital Monrovia.

Completely no accessibility, but people are so kind. No problem to travel except toilet problem. Only western toilet at hotel. Country side nature is toilet. I have never seen accessible toilet. Central high land cities are hilly. Not easy to move around by wheelchair. Taxi Brouuse, about 12 person shared mini ban, is main traffic. Keep a side seat.  
Almost nothing about accessibility. Too many passengers in local mini bus. Taxi price is high. No wheelchair accessible facility in town. New paper money have braille.


Tourist industry. Many French traveled. Many sandy road. Not good transportation system. Only bus is transportation to town. No accessible toilet. Many tourist hotel are available, the price is not so high. Hired car is one of the choice to travel for disabled. Tough negotiation.   
Desert country. Difficult to move around on wheelchair because of many sandy roads. Many wheelchair beggars on street. People enjoy eating and shopping at night. New Nouakchott airport was wheelchair accessible.

I feel Mauritius is developed India. I saw wheelchair toilet only at airport. Good accessible underpass between sea side and downtown in the capital Port Louis. Not good road condition. People are kind except taxi drivers. No lower floor bus. Taxi or lent a car are only choice for tourist.   

I saw some wheelchair person in town. Living all together is natural scene. Casablanca airport is accessible. Toilet, bride and guide service. Train imported from France had a big step. No workers help. Western toilet existed at tourist place. The road in old city is bumpy.

Almost nothing, but new 4 star hotel had a wheelchair accessible room. The capital Maputo new airport was wheelchair accessible, but the quality was not so high because it was build by China support. Many local people were so kind to help others. Some officers were very bad. They just want money.
   2004, 2006
My best country for tourism. Feel the nature !  Severe natural environment. Few population. Peaceful country. Economy, Currency, food, product, everything are influenced by South Africa include accessibility. Some curb cut and ramp in town. Accessible room at big hotel. Not so many accessible toilet, but all the toilet are large. No problem to use by wheelchair. Problem is public transportation. Rental car is the best for tourist. 
Sandy country. Many unpaved road is so tough for wheelchair. So many wheelchair in town. They do not stay inside their house. I talked so many wheelchair people. 
Just 3 days stay in Kano, Northern Islam city. Society was collapsed. No rule and no security. Many disabled people in town. Some of them were beggars. People helped each other. Charity, giving changes to poor people, is common things on street. 
France foreign region. Not independent. Mix people live. All speak French. Very modernized city like Europe, not like Africa. The accessibility is quite good. Few non-step bus. Tourist often rent a car. There are many accessible activity for person with disability. Tandem paraglider in Saint-Leu, hot spring spa with lift in Cilaos, beach floating wheelchair and jet ski in Saint-Gilles. My friend who runs Tropic guest house, organization of travel for person with disability in Reunion, gave me nice experiences.   

Good organized country. Not like Africa. People are so friendly. No rubbish on roads. Motor bike taxi is main traffic. They keep the rule, one passengers and with helmet. Not many normal automobile taxis. It is problem for wheelchair users. Mini bus runs in Kigali and connect to cities. They sell tickets. Mini buses leave if passengers are not full to keep the schedule. Over passengers is rare case. Many Rwanda and Congo wheelchair people work at border as a porter. 

   2009, 2017
The capital Dakar is one of the most wheelchairs in town. Wheelchair beggars on every corner just like their job. Some have 3-4 wheels motor bikes. Senegal people are so king. They know the feeling of people in trouble. Many helped me and push my wheelchair. 

 Sierra Leone
Many no arm or leg people on street because of tragic civil war. Towns seemed so peaceful now. They are getting back a good country.
 South Africa
   2004, 2006, 2015
Well developed accessibility. I was surprised that each hotel has accessible rooms and non-step landscape in town. It is great !  White people do not use public transportation. They use their own car or rental car by travel. Rental car company can put on a hand control for paralysis drivers. Good high way network. Only Black people use local bus. Poor area road are not paved. Quit different White people residence area and Black people residence area.

 South Sudan
New nation. No electricity, no water, no roads.  Limited paved road. So hard to walk rough dirt road on wheelchair. Motor taxi and shared mini bus is traffic. Taxi price is so high because of foreigner. The number of hotel is few so it costs so high though the quality is low.
Underdeveloped. No accessibility. Few person with disability in city. It is very difficult to walk around on wheelchair. Khartoum airport has a lift car for person with mobility impairment, but they do not have any small cabin chair. Also no large toilets for wheelchair users.

Black people kingdom country surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique. Economy is  dominated by South Africa. Some accessibility. Curb cut and ramp in town. I have never seen accessible toilet, but each western toilet is large. No problem. Many town are hilly.
Tourism resource rich country. Developing now. It was so tough to get in domestic light airplane for paralysis. Shared mini ban and taxi are main traffic. Western toilet at tourist place. Local toilet is not western style. I saw some bicycle type wheelchair in town.

No accessibility. Nothing at airport. Not so good impression because of bad people. Bad and unpaved road. Tough for wheelchair.  
My toughest travel country among students days. First time cultural shock. No discrimination and no protection against people with disability. It is fair. I feel Islam has no racism. The difference of looking and shape is not important for Muslim. Inside heart is more important. No accessibility and no equipment, but people's eye were very natural. Free to go around by wheelchair.
Good shared taxi network (Matatu). Toyota Hiace. When passengers are full, the car starts. Over passengers is normal. I always try to keep a front seat because easy to move and comfortable. Price is cheep. Some big bus runs directly to the capital Kampala from local cities. Dirt road is hard and dusty. People were kind and always helped me. Accessibility ? Do not expect.

Well organized than neighbor Zimbabwe. The accessibility situation is the same. Zambia is better than Zimbabwe. More ramps, more wheelchair toilets, more service.
Not so good compared other neighbor countries. It is possible to see the most famous tourist spot Victoria Falls on wheelchair. The path are all flat and paved. Wheelchair users can access the all the spots. Some luxurious hotels have large toilets like South Africa.

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