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Just my travel impression. Big cities and villages are different. Please read this easygoing, not so seriously. 

 Antigua Barbuda
Good new airport is wheelchair accessible, but they do not have a boarding ramp like Barbados. No chance to walk around the city. 
Love boarding ramp at airport !  Good wheelchair accessible tourism island in Caribbean area. Many hotels have a wheelchair accessible room, but it costs high. Public beach toilet has a wheelchair toilet.

Good social welfare because of communism. Wheelchair toilet existed at airport, but no aisle chair. I sat a front seat. In town, easy to walk by wheelchair. One of the reason was not many cars on road. Walking road were made a lot. Simple accessible toilet existed many place. I was surprised to see a simple accessible toilet in a shopping center.
Under developed compared than other Caribbean countries. Poor accessibility. Airport had a cabin chair and special care attendant service.

Not so good, not so bad. Surprised my hotel had a wheelchair accessible room.
 St. Kitts & Nevis
Not so bad. Road and pedestrian are like USA. Many ramps. No pubic transportation.
 St. Lucia
Tourist taxi is big van type. One accessible van run in Rodney bay. Kind people.


 St. Vincent
Not so good. New airport opened in 2017 is wheelchair accessible.

 Trinidad Tobago
   2002, 2003, 2018
Good country. They think accessibility. Some equipment and consideration for disability. Some accessible toilet and many ramp in town. Not perfect, but people are so kind. Big ditch on road because of a lot of rain. Also big gap between car road and walking road.

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