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Just my travel impression. Big cities and villages are different. Please read this easygoing, not so seriously. 

airport Airports are well-accessible place. Using airplane is good for travelers with disability. 
No bridge to airplane, no aisle chair, small airplane (only stairs) are tough, but not impossible to use.
If you rent a car, airport is the best place. 
train Usually, subway and urban train are not so much steps. However Europe trains often have a big step.
The accessibility is changing better today. New stations and trains changed accessible.
With a ramp or elevators, non step at door are important. Wide gate is also need. 
car Many taxi in town means cheap cost. Use it.
Long distance bus are the most difficult traffic for wheelchair traveler. Keep a seat near the door.
I rent a car with a portable hand-control.
ship Ships are easy to get on and off for wheelchair traveler.
Usually non-step at port. On boarding, kind staff always help.
However accessible toilet in a ship is very rare.
town Do not travel in rainy or snowy season. Also cold season is not good idea because we need many baggage. Many bicycle in town means wheelchair accessible because of non-step road.
Asian big cities are many traffic, overpass, and underpass. Tough for wheelchair users to walk around.
toilet Accessible toilets exist at airport, station, high class hotel, shopping center, and public space.
Enough space to access by wheelchair is important. Luxurious equipment is not  important.
Westernized toilet are rare in country side of Asia, Africa, and, Arab.