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Hospet  /  India

South India country side. Very popular barber in city central. Also the most fashionable barber. Their scissors are made in India. Many types of combs, special chairs, mirror, hair clippers, all tools are exist. Tools are the same as Japan, but one thing is different. It is "dirty". Same towel is used many times. They do not clean combs, so many dust. Many trash on the floor. Indian sanitation is too law. Be careful. The skill is high. The price is cheap. Local people often go to barber. Making the end of hair straight is Indian style. After cutting, they do massage as a service. They hit on head and shoulder too strongly. When they hit my head, I felt like a torture, not comfortable. I could not open my eyes. My neck was perfectly twisted. My bone sound boki-boki. So afraid. I felt be dead. Ears also are massaged. A few front hair were pulled out to pray Hindu. I recommend " Refuse to be massaged a body".

25 Rupee = 0.6 US$     with shaving and massage       2006/01

 shaving     Agura / India

Shaving is heaven. You should have a experience in India. I recommend strongly. Shaving is normal, but after service is wonderful. It costs just 10 rupee = 0.25 $ in a good local barber. Using a special massage vibration machine, they massage our face. Lotion, cream, water spray, and lotion again. My wife also tried it. She was so impressed.

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