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Maseru  /  Lesotho

Lesotho is surrounded by Republic South Africa. Small country without a coastline. 3000 meter mountains there. Donkey is a way of transportation in mountain side. The economy is not good. But they have a traditional that people put on a hat. Black people nation. When I walked around the market, I found a a plastic house barber. But the cost was high 25 rand = 3.5 US$. I ignored this barber. Next barber, a woman hairdresser cannot speak English. So I explained to want you  to cut my hair using a gesture. However she never cut hair except Black people. I tried to ask next barber. He said "OK". The price was 10 rand = 1.5 US$. It was a local price. He used a car battery to use a hair clipper. Black men's hair is almost all bold head. He do not use a comb. African curly hair does not need a comb to cut. At First he cut my hair using a hair clipper and he used a scissors. He was thinking to finish. He continued to cut so long time. 40 minutes later, finally my hair was too short.

10 Rand = 1.5 US$     with shaving and massage       2006/01


Other barbers in Lesotho. Everywhere people lives, we can see a barber.


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