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Tulear  /  Madagascar

It was difficult to find a barber shop Many women saloon with beauty treatment. But very few men barber. Coastal area curly African people are almost bold head. That is the reason. In central highlands that straight hair Malay people live, the number of barbers is increasing. I entered a fashionable and clean barber shop. Hairdressers are young and handsome. Very busy shop. Their mission is cutting side hair so sharply. They make the edge hair straight by razor. Curly Africans hairs can not be extend and stretch by comb. They cut hairs without comb. Therefore top of my hair were so rough. But good hair !  

1000 Ariary = 0.5 US$           2006/08

Street Barber

Street barber is more popular than shops in Madagascar. Surely cutting only a bold head. They do not have an electricity. They use a manual hair clipper.

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