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Panama city  /  Panama

No sightseeing place in Panama city. I looked for a barber as usual. But the road was terrible for wheelchair. Many steps, no signal, and dangerous drivers. For 4 hours walking, I found 4 women saloon and 1 unisex saloon but upstairs. I went to unsafe old town and asked where is a barber. I was taught a street barber. I wait for a while until a former customer finished. Up to a hairdresser, he cut my hair so short. Scissors are normal, not for barber. Sometimes my hair were twisted and extend. Painful is the first time for cutting a hair. The hairdresser was old aged man. He threw a sweet message " You are so beautiful." " Oh- my love ".  whenever young ladies walked. Latin America men and women both are sexy. But the skill was low. I ordered him to cut again. Adding a low level skill, he shaved the end of my front hair straight by razor. We say " bad boy style " in Japan. He used a rezor again and again. I found it after finishing. It is not good to protect hepatitis and HIV.

1 US$           2003/02


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