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Manila / Philippines

My flight was 4 hours delay. I entered a barber near the airport. The skill was high. I ordered Pack & Massage copying a next British customer. Gorgeous experience ! By the way, many gays in Philippines. They are recognized in community. Many Philippine people think that gays have an artistic sense. So many gays choose a hairdresser as their job. In fact almost all Philippines barber is gay. Therefore, I am bid afraid of going to barber. I was thinking this barber is not gay. But, when he made massage to me, I was doubtful about his hand. I could not be relax.  

3 US$      shampoo & Shaving : 3 US$    Pack & Massage : 5 US$       1996/02

phi_cut.jpg (28065 バイト)   phi_cut2.jpg (27161 バイト)

Cebu / Philippines

9 years later, I cut my hair in Cebu. Many barbers around the market. They compete each other, so the price keep low. How cheap !!  Hairdresser cut my hair using a hair clipper. Scissors are normal, not for barber. They often used a toothbrush to clean up tools and customers head. I guess he is not a gay. I am not sure.

30 Peso = 0.6 US$           2005/07

Angels / Philippines

Cheap price at local barber. Good quality, kind staff, polite attitude. Perfect barber. So happy !

60 Peso = 1 US$           2018/02

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