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Bangkok  /  Thailand

Many foreign people live in Sukhumvit. Many foreign traveler also stay in Sukhumvit. Soi Arab ( Arabic street ) is located north of BTS Nana station. There is a big hotel, Grace Hotel, along soi Nana. Very unique barber on ground floor of that hotel. Many barber customer from Arab, India, Iran, and Islamic countries. The price is twice more than local Thailand barber. Many customer have beard, so they order to shave it. This barber shows international city Bangkok. Ladies can cut their hair here. The hair dressers are from Thailand.

I did not want to cut shortly, but she cut too short like Thai kids or army. My order was failed. So dirty and messy. Many trash on the floor. Shaving cream, soap, shampoo, styling gel, and scissors in front of mirror. They used rice cooker as hot water boiler. Interesting idea to use cooking machine instead of barber machine. Nobody care about anything. That is Asia. 

150 Bart = 4 US$           2011/01

Chiang Mai  /  Thailand

North Thai tourist city Chiang Mai. The hair salon for tourists located old city. The lady cut my hair short.

120 Baht = 3 US$           2016/07

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