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Hanoi  /  Vietnam

My best barber. Small but fashionable. Two sisters are hairdressers. The skill was not bad. Scissors are normal, not special for barbers. But their service was like a heaven. After cutting, she pulled out white hairs a lot. I feel comfortable to be done it. Ecstasy !!  I enjoyed talking with sisters among cutting. 

3 US$              1997/11

hanoi_barbar01.jpg (35443 バイト)   hanoi_barbar02.jpg (30906 バイト)

Weekend, many street barber along a road or in a park in Vietnam. A chair and a mirror. The hairdresser looks like an amateur. I guess their side job. Vietnamese often go to a barber. One of the reason the price is not high.

hanoi_barbar03.jpg (27734 バイト)  hanoi_barbar04.jpg (23793 バイト)

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