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* Egypt *

alone  / 2000

Pyramid and lovely taxi driver, and ladies of a travel agency in Cairo.

Luxor is amazing place. It was possible to go around on wheelchair. Many ramps

Abu Simbel. 

Egyptian food tastes so good.

4 days  transit /  alone  / 2009

When I travel to West Africa for 6 weeks through Cairo. 2 months open ticket Egypt Air.
I changed the returning day because my wheelchair was broken among the hard travel.
I had to wait for a flight to Japan for 4 days in Cairo. 

I went to Pyramids, Citadel, and soccer match.  Sorry no photo because my camera was stolen in Burkina Faso.
Soccer match was so exciting. Al-Ahly is the best team in Africa. They got many title and great supporter.
About 40,000 fan in Cairo Stadium. No wheelchair seat. Watching soccer is my fan.

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