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* Guyana *

alone  / 2002

Only English speaking country only in South America. Old British colonial. Many Africans and Indians were taken as a labor. Guyana is located east of Venezuela and north of Brazil, but no land road between them. Isolated by Guyana highlands. Guyana highlands. Lost World !!  Kaieteur falls on a table mountain. 223 meters high. I walked to the falls from an airport on a table mountain with some help. It was flat. 



Eco tourism in Amazon jangle. 1 hour boat trip in a big river. There is a great nature resort. No electricity. Just feel a wind and nature sounds. All inclusive 1 night 100 US$. It costs cheap. Only 5 cottage. Kind staff.  




Jangle trekking is fan. Behind a resort, many trail in a jangle. Many bird and some monkey are appeared. Kayak in Essequibo river. Let's go paddling to a rainforest.



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