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* USA *

California 1 month home stay and language school / 1993

First experience to go abroad. Among staying in USA, I completely forget that I am wheelchair. Access to everywhere. Every bus has a lift.  No step in shop and building. No curious persons eye. This great stay for 1 month  made me brave. Then I started my journey to all over the world. 

usa02.jpg (31050 バイト)  usa01.jpg (30754 バイト)

usa03.jpg (34476 バイト)  paola.jpg (36091 バイト)

Happy and lovely host family with many kids.

family.jpg (15913 バイト)

michel.jpg (10917 バイト)
eldest son
nats.jpg (8372 バイト)
second son
billy.jpg (9144 バイト)
third son
shery.jpg (9854 バイト)
youngest daughter

After 3 weeks to study English at language school, I traveled for 1 week in Los Angels by myself.

usa06.jpg (27385 バイト)  

Winter Park in Colorado 1 week  ski  /  2001

Let's try skiing at NSCD ( National Sports Center for Disabled)


2 years later, I mastered mono ski !!!


University of California Berkeley 1 year internship  /  2002-2003

I got a fund to research "Accommodation for students with disability and organization, the latest case in USA". My company allowed me to leave 1 year. It was also good chance to travel around USA.


My father and Mother, sister and nephew came to see me. We traveled in California.


Ride the Rockies 2003.  650 km,  7 days, 2000 cyclist include 9 hand-cyclist.  Great adventure but so tough.

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